Broker Appointments

Product Benefits

Our nationwide appointment setting service is suited to experienced home loan professionals to address common challenges that place pressure on dollar productive time:

  • Increasing marketing and lead costs in a competitive marketplace;
  • Ineffective advertising campaigns;
  • Variable lead quality creating larger workloads;
  • Increased administrative and loan processing times; and
  • Inefficient lead nurture

Our team can take care of your marketing and lead generation activity, lead nurture processes and appointment setting.

Customer type

Experienced home loan professionals

Campaign Size

5 - 100 appointments per month


a. Cost per appointment or;
b. Monthly admin fee plus revenue share




Appointments are provided on an exclusive basis

Appointment Setup

Online calendar integration


Email and Lead Management Centre access

How it works


Lead Generation

Targeted Online Advertising

Advertising on major search engines and other real estate websites, engaging consumers who are interested in refinancing or purchasing a property.

Online Consumer Request & Property Report

Consumers submit an online enquiry to request a consultation with a home loan professional and receive a Property & Home Loan Report. The Report is sent to the consumer including relevant home loan and property information with an estimated value range, recently sold, and for sale properties.


Lead Nurture & Broker Appointment

NOVII Mortgage Team Connects with Consumer

Consumer enquiries are contacted by our Mortgage Team to understand their property transaction and financial requirements, and nurtured until an appointment is scheduled with a home loan professional.

Broker Appointment Scheduling

Based on the home loan professional's geographical service area and availability, a qualified appointment will be scheduled with the consumer looking to purchase or refinance a property. The appointment includes detailed information regarding the consumer and their current financial situation.


Loan Application & Settlement

Home loan professional will liaise directly with the potential borrower after the initial appointment set up by the NOVII Mortgage Team. The status of the loan application is tracked with the home loan professional until settlement is confirmed.